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Coming Home to Myself

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enjoy lifeJanuary started with a burst of energy and activity. This is going to be a growth year for me and my business, I promised myself. February saw the launch of my group coaching program and Sacred Circle (love those women!) as well as my Learn to Love Yourself e-course. I’m on a roll, I thought. 5 prerecorded telesummits later, by mid-March, I was exhausted. Thanks to my zeal earlier in the year, April saw me over-committed. I did it again, I thought. I put on my Superwoman cape and forgot to take care of me.

May is about slowing down, coming home to myself. My University teaching schedule is changing. I’ll only be teaching one class instead of two. I’ve only committed to two telesummits this month instead of five. I’ve recommitted to my daily meditation and yoga practice. I want to pick up a paint brush – something I haven’t done in almost two years. I want to enjoy the Summer weather and spend lots of time playing outdoors before it gets too hot. I want to plant my garden – my herb and vegetable garden as well as the garden of my soul.

my boyfriend asked me one night as we got ready for bed. I need to say no more to others and yes more to myself. I know this; I preach this; yet, I am the first to admit that I don’t always take my own advice. I think, I can do just this one more thing… and it turns into twenty one more things.

May Day (Beltane) left me reflective. It’s a new month, with the added energy of the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. I sat down with my journal and pen, pulled out my Leonie Dawson biz and life planners, and made a list. Less a to do list than a reminder of my priorities: self-love, self-care, self-compassion.

, instead of in second or third place, where I had dropped as of late.

So what will my May look like? What promises did I make to myself?

  • I plan to increase my physical activity level – the more I can do outside, the better
  • I am recommitting to my daily meditation practice – every morning and, on some days, evenings as well
  • My skin has been flaring because I haven’t been watching my diet – time to stop so much indulgence on the foods I know make my body unhappy
  • I want to work on a painting I shelved two years ago – and perhaps even finish it!
  • I will dance – Every. Single. Day. Because I love it, because it helps me process my emotions, because it brings me joy
  • I will honor my body’s natural cycles – much like the moon, our bodies ebb and flow. Some days we have lots of energy; some days we just want to curl up on the couch and read a book. I commit to be-ing more in tune with my body and giving it what it needs each day
  • I will spend time each week on some sort of personal development activity – not because I think I’m not good enough as I am but because I value learning more about the world, about myself
  • I will restart my daily gratitude practice and post what I am grateful for each day on Facebook and Instagram
  • I will journal each day – it helps me get my ideas down on paper, helps my emotions flow smoothly and helps me process whatever I am going through at the time, even if it’s just saying what I am grateful for.

What will you do this month to come home to you?