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Setting Your Intentions for Spring

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As I write this, it is the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere (first day of Fall in the Southern Hemisphere). All I can think is, “Finally!” After an early, long, and especially brutal Winter, I am more than ready to emerge from the cocoon of winter. And yet, I find myself in a reflective mood today. Instead of going outside and enjoying the warmer temperatures, I find myself called to sit on the couch and journal.

I’ve been using the analogy of the butterfly in a cocoon to help explain how many of us have been feeling for the past two months. We were talking about this in one of my group coaching programs the other day and one of my clients said, “You know, when butterflies first emerge from the cocoon, they have to sit and let their wings dry before they fly away.” Apparently, a butterfly’s wings are very fragile upon emergence and they need time to sit and firm up. That’s how I feel right now. Spring is here, but I’m not quite ready to charge ahead. I need to sit and reflect about what needs closure from Winter and what I want to create for the remainder of the year. Then, I can make a plan and test out my metaphorical wings a bit.

If you’re feeling the same way, I offer you a few reflection questions for your change of the season ponderings (if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, you can find Fall reflection questions here.)

Reflections on the first few months of 2017

Take out your journal and answer the following questions:

  • What’s on my plate right now (roles, responsibilities, obligations, etc.)? Which of these do I want to carry forward into Spring, which do I want to discard, and which am I unsure about? (for a fun way to do this exercise, see today’s video)
  • What old patterns and beliefs keep cropping up that might be holding me back?
  • What has been the most difficult event/ situation/ life lesson I’ve been through so far this year?
  • What did I learn about myself having gone through that?
  • What am I ready to release (e.g., what do I not want to carry forward into Spring with me)? (Hint: this is where those old patterns, beliefs, and obligations you don’t want to deal with anymore go!) – there are a variety of ways to do this release work. You can write them down and burn them or bury them in the backyard. You can write a letter to them thanking them for all they’ve taught you, but saying why you don’t need them anymore and that you are ready to let them go. You can light a candle to symbolize all that you are releasing. You can blow the energy of everything you want to release into a rock and bury that rock or go for a nature walk and leave it behind. You can take a bath and visualize all the gunk seeping into the water and down the drain…
  • Is there anything else I feel I need to say or do to get closure on Winter?

Preparing for Spring

Here's the fun part! Take out a new piece of paper and answer these questions:

  • What do I want to manifest this year? – bonus points for making a timeline for when each of these tasks will be accomplished!
  • What is my theme/focus/priority for Spring?
  • What is calling to birthed/created right now?
  • What support to I need to make each of these things happen?
  • How do I want to feel this Spring?

I wish you a joyful, healthy, and productive Spring!