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Want to Change Your Life? Why Gratitude is the Key

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I recently wrote a blog post for Psychology Today on the importance of loving yourself. I immediately received a comment:

“Others lead fuller lives than me. How can I possibly love myself if I don't rate? Others seem to be more fulfilled than me. They live richer lives. I'm like the kid pressed with his nose against the window on December 25th-or Valentine’s Day.”

Ah… The Inner Critic strikes again!

So how can you fully learn to love and accept yourself when it seems like everyone else is more fortunate than you are? For me, this is a multi-faceted, multi-step process. In today’s video, I’m going to share my 7 steps to re-learning to love yourself again and truly transform the relationship you have with the woman in the mirror.


What I’d like to highlight for you is this:

  • You’ve got to stop the comparison game – comparing yourself to others only sends yourself the message that you are not worthy/not good enough and you never will be. You’ve got to get out of that mindset to both learn to love yourself and to manifest your dream life.
  • Be grateful for what you do have – how can you expect Universe to give you what you want when you aren’t even grateful for what you have? This is the first key to manifesting your dream life:

Over two decades ago I started a daily practice where I made myself write down at least 10 things I was grateful for every night before I went to bed. Some days this seemed an almost impossible feat. After all, when I started this practice I was spending most of my days (and nights) doubled over in the floor in pain from my endometriosis.  But I persevered and wrote down whatever I could think of – even the small things like someone opening the door for me or finding a penny on the sidewalk. I cannot tell you how this shifted my mindset and my ability to manifest what I truly desired. By being grateful for what you have, you are telling the Universe “Thank you! I’ll take more where that came from or better!” And who doesn’t respond to being thanked?

If you truly believe you are less fortunate or keep playing the victim role, then you are only going to get more of the same. That’s the basic premise of the law of attraction. But if you are thankful for what you do have – big and small – and take aligned action to shoot for your dreams, then that sets you up to manifest what you want in a big way. Gratitude truly is the first key to manifesting your desires.

But you can’t stop there.

After you list out what you are grateful for, then it’s time to dream big (which is step 5 in the video). For your dreams to become a reality, however, you must take action to get there. Universe won’t deliver if you keep asking for something and then just sit there and wait. You’ve got to show the world that you are serious; put some skin in the game.

How does this all work? Let’s say you want to manifest $10,000 so you can pay off your credit card bills.

  1. Be grateful for your abundance – start tracking your money inflow every day (actual money that comes in as well as things of value that you receive – so if someone buys your lunch, then that counts as value).
  2. Believe you deserve it – if you don’t, you need to do the 7 steps I share in my video above and at this link:
  3. Ask the Universe for what you want and share you know why you want it – do this in the form of a positive statement. Something like, “I’m so grateful now that I’ve finally paid off all of my credit card bills and have extra money in the bank so I feel more safe and secure.”
  4. Take aligned action – as much as I’d love a money tree in my back yard, I haven’t quite manifested that one yet. If you want to manifest $10,000, what steps can you take to get there? Make a product you can sell? Get a few new clients? Prep and submit your taxes so you can get your tax refund back? Yes, by all means, be open for that $10,000 to come in other ways, but you still need to take action to manifest it yourself. Asking the Universe for $10000 and then sitting on your laurels won’t do any good.
  5. Wait for it – if you are grateful, ask for what you want and take aligned action, you will get what you desire. It may not come in the form you thought it would take, but it will come. Have faith!