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Featured GODDESS: Sarasvati

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Goddess of Creativity

“Get out and play! You’ve been inside for too long. Let your spirit soar.”




Traits Sarasvati Embodies:

  • Creativity
  • Play
  • Art in all its forms
  • Divine mother
  • Inner wisdom


How to call on Sarasvati:

Sarasvati the Goddess rose from the sacred river bearing her name. As water is her element and also the element of emotion, Sarasvati can be called upon whenever your emotions need to be expressed in a positive way. Let Her help you draw, paint, write, sing, or dance your feelings into existence for all to see, for leaving them bottled up inside only brings us harm.


Prayer to Sarasvati:

Sarasvati, Light of Creativity

I call upon you now.

As the river flows,

So too let my feelings flow.

Channel my emotions into your light

And let them shine onto the world with your Grace.

[Grab your pencil, crayon, music, guitar, etc. and see what comes out. Remember to thank Sarasvati when you’re done.]


Tribute to Sarasvati:

As Sarasvati came from the water, find a body of water – preferably flowing water – and say a prayer of thanks to Sarasvati. Her symbols are the swan and the lotus. If there are swans nearby, feed them some bread in Her name. If there are lotus petals nearby, toss some into the water as you pray.