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Featured Goddess: Yemanya

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Beautiful woman mermaid with a fish tail resting in the water of the pond of lilies


Goddess of the Sea and the Moon

“Now is the time to take action. Get in tune with your own cycles and rhythms and follow your heart as the tide flows with the Moon.”


Traits Yemanya Embodies:

  • Activating Latent Energies and Talents
  • Flowing in Harmony
  • Getting in Tune with Your Cycles and Rhythms
  • Gentle Unfolding
  • Faithfulness

How to call on Yemanya:

A revered African and a Brazilian goddess, Yemanya was credited with creating the sea and harnessing the moon's powers to create the tides. She is nurturing and protective of all of her children. You can call upon Yemanya when you need a help calling something into creation (e.g., a job, a baby) or letting go of what no longer serves so that you can allow a new opportunity to unfold. 

Prayer to Yemanya:

Yemanya, Mother of all Creation, 

Hear my prayer. 

Help me to release what no longer serves, and

Surrender to Divine timing.

Help me to flow with  grace and ease as I open to new opportunity.

Help me manifest what is best for my heart and my Soul's Calling.

In this I pray, 

Thank you, Yemanya.

Tribute to Yemanya:

Go to a body of water (preferably a stream, ocean, or other non-stagnant water). Write down what you want to release/surrender and what you want to manifest. Offer these to Yemanya with a prayer of thanks. Leave her flowers or a few drops of essential oil as you leave.

Featured GODDESS: Nike

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Cute blondie as an angelNike

Goddess of Victory

“Nothing stands in the way of what you desire except for you. Get out of your own way and watch the future unfold.”



Traits Nike Embodies:

  • Victory
  • Achievement
  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Decisiveness


How to call on Nike:

Winged Goddess of Victory, Nike was the Goddess ancient Greeks and Romans prayed to before entering battle. She was also known for her lovely voice and dancing and would occasionally favor a wedding party with her songs and wicked dance moves! You can call upon Nike when you need a little courage and strength to face your “battles.” Know that she will be there for you and has your back.


Prayer to Nike:

Nike, Goddess of Victory,

Hear my Prayer!

I need courage to face [explain situation].

Please help me find the strength and courage I need to prove victorious in this battle,

For the greatest good of all parties involved.

In this I pray, thank you, Nike!



Tribute to Nike:

The best way to honor Nike is to thank her after you have faced your battle with both song and dance in her honor.



Featured GODDESS: Ostara

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Goddess of the Radiant Dawn

“Spring is here! It’s time to come out from hibernation, release old ties, and celebrate new beginnings.”



Traits Ostara Embodies:

  • Rebirth
  • Rejuvenation
  • Dawn
  • Fertility
  • Awakening


How to call on Ostara:

Although Ostara’s parentage is up for grabs, one thing is clear: with her trusty hare as her sidekick and the egg as her symbol of fertility, the Anglo Saxon goddess Ostara’s traditions were adopted by the Christian church and renamed Easter. After all, everyone loves bunnies and colored eggs, so why mess with a good thing? Regardless, Ostara is the Goddess of the Spring Equinox, when the days are becoming longer than the nights, the light overtakes the dark. This is a perfect time to dust off the cobwebs of winter, come out of hibernation, and set your intentions for what you want to manifest this Spring.


Prayer to Ostara:

Ostara, Goddess of the Radiant Dawn,

Queen of Spring,

Bringer of Light,

Hear my Prayers

In this time of awakening,

I call upon you.

I ask for your help with releasing ______ [insert your issue]

So that I may manifest ______ [insert your issue] in the coming months.

In this I pray,

Thank you, Ostara!


Tribute to Ostara:

Like Easter traditions? Ostara loves them! Have some deviled eggs, chocolate, and pet a bunny. Ostara will surely smile upon you.


Featured GODDESS: Gaia

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Mother of All

“Hold yourself high and take good care of yourself, for you are a child of my womb. By honoring yourself, you honor me.”





Traits Gaia Embodies:


  • Mothering
  • Nurturing
  • Creativity/creation
  • Balance
  • Self-care


How to call on Gaia:


In the beginning were the four Elements: Earth (Gaia), Water (Pontus), Air (Chaos), and Sky (Ouranos) (some say Gaia emerged from Chaos and then gave birth to Ouranos and Pontus). As Gaia was the only female, she had the pick of the litter, so to speak. Ouranos caught her eye and they wed (Note: incest was not a problem for the Ancient Greeks). They were a busy pair! Gaia had somewhere between 30 and 50 children, depending on the tale. I bet she was tired! Call on Gaia when you need help nurturing yourself or with any projects you are creating or birthing.


Prayer to Gaia:


Gaia, Mother of Us All,

Hear my Prayers

In this gentle time,

The time to go within,

I call upon you.

I ask for your help with ______ [insert your issue]

May I create/birth what is for the highest good of all

And my I take exquisite care of myself while doing so

Thank you Gaia!


Tribute to Gaia:


The best way to honor Gaia is to take care of yourself! What can you do to take care of you today?

Featured GODDESS: The Pleiades

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pleiadesThe Pleiades

 Star Goddesses of the Night Sky

“Look to the heavens and you will see us. We will light your way out of Darkness.”


Who are The Pleiades?

Maia – Goddess of nursing mothers

Electra – Goddess of Mount Saon; Patroness of Troy

Taygete – Mistress of the animals; Goddess of the Taygetos Mountains in Greece

Alcyone – Goddess who wards off evil storms

Celaeno – Goddess of the island of Euboia or Mount Kithairon

Sterope – Goddess of Pisa in southern Greece

Merope – Goddess of Chios


How to call on the Pleiades:

Known more for the tragedy of their story than for their actual accomplishments, the Pleiades, daughters of Atlas and Pleione, were nymphs in service to Artemis. After their father Atlas was forced to carry the heavens on his shoulders, the God Orion began to pursue the Pleiades. Relentless in his pursuit, the Pleaides begged Zeus for help. He transformed them first into doves, and then into stars. That didn’t stop Orion, however. He got himself turned into a constellation and continues to pursue them across the night sky.


Prayer to the Pleiades:

Goddesses of the Night Sky,

Hear My Prayer

Show me what is hidden

Reveal your mysteries to me

Shine your light on my path,

So I may find my way out of the Darkness.


Tribute to the Pleiades:

As the Pleiades were turned into both doves and stars, looking into the night sky while reciting the above (or another) prayer will have more meaning. Also be kind to the doves you see as they are Sisters of and favored by the Pleiades.