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The Power of Healing Your Chakras: Root Chakra

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heart wide open
As I was prepping for last week’s Intuition call series, I was asked by a listener to explain whether a blocked chakra could affect her ability to connect with her Inner Goddess. My answer? Absolutely.

After my divorce in Fall of 2013, I got a Divine download that I needed to heal my root and sacral chakras. This made perfect sense to me. Our root chakra, located at the base of spine (tailbone) is our foundation and feeling of being grounded and centered. Having just gotten a divorce, given my house to my ex, and moved into a new one – with half of my furniture – I literally felt as though the floor had fallen out from underneath my feet.

The second, or sacral, chakra is our passion center – our creativity, sensuality, and sexuality stem from here. Coming off of the heels of three failed in vitro treatments and a divorce, my libido didn’t exist, I had no zest for life. As I pretty much lived in my PJs for several months following my divorce, I certainly didn’t feel sensual or sexual. I knew I had some work to do here as well.

And so I did.

I’ve written about my healing process that Fall on the blog before (starting with this post), but I feel called to dive a little deeper this time around. As I just launched my Activate Your Inner Goddess: Reconnect with Your Intuition program, I think it’s a perfect time to reconnect with our energy system. The holiday season, with all is merriment and joy, can sometimes be draining. Now is the perfect time to go within and really connect.

So I ask you to do two things for yourself this week:

In today’s video, I talk a little bit more about the first (root) chakra and how you can work on healing any imbalances you may have there.

I’d love it if you’d share your self-care tips with us below.