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Life Created You – Julie Daley

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“Life created You just as you are. There’s a seed imprinted within you. Each soul is a seed and everything sprouts, grows, blossoms, and sometimes fruits as it grows from within that seed. The sun showers it with light, the rain plumps it up with moisture, and the Earth feeds it with nutrients and love so it can be what it is created to be – a celebration of Life in its own unique imprint.  Life is THAT creative. Yes, it is. And, you are that Life so You, too, are THAT creative. Just as you are an expression of this erotic, passionate Life, whatever you give creative birth to is an erotic, passionate, explosion of this very same Life.”


~ Julie Daley

“Feminine creative power…” – Elizabeth Purvis

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“True security comes from the true understanding that YOU are the feminine creator of your own life, and you take steps to create what you want (instead of letting things happen to you). True security comes from knowing that even if you make a mistake or a misstep or some freaky situation comes up, you'll still be all right, because NOBODY can take your Feminine Creative Power away from you.”


~ Elizabeth Purvis