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Emergence: Peeking Out from the Cocoon: Exploring the Energies of February

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February 2nd was an important day for many of us in the United States: Groundhog Day. February 2nd is the day that we anxiously await to see if Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow (forecasting 6 more weeks of Winter). He did; leaving many of us frustrated with what has already been a long and brutal Winter.

This is not a new idea. In ancient times people turned to Brigid to forecast the remaining days of Winter on February 2nd. Instead of the U.S. Punxsutawney Phil, ancient peoples awaited Brigid’s sacred snake to emerge from his cave. The snake’s behavior indicated whether or not Winter was over. Thus, the tradition of February 2nd being an important day is not a new one.

Whether or not you want to rely on a rodent, or a snake, to predict the weather is beside the point. February 2nd marks the halfway point between Winter and Spring in the Northern Hemisphere (Summer and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere). Thus, it is a turning point in the Wheel of the Year; a time when we may feel like we have one foot in Winter and one in Spring. After a particularly long and brutal Winter, many of us are ready for it to be over. Yet, February is saying, “Not quite yet…”

I liken the energy of February to emerging from a cocoon. Many of us hibernate (or are at least less active and more introspective) during the Winter months. After the holiday season, we retreat into the safety, warmth and comfort of our homes and watch the snow fall while sitting by a warm fireplace drinking hot cocoa.

And then comes February. The robins of Spring appear. The crocuses may start to poke through the ground. Other signs of Spring begin to appear. Yet, we’re not done with Winter just yet. There may still be the occasional snow fall and the temperatures aren’t as warm as we’d like. This can lead to a lot of frustration. After a long, hard Winter, we think we’re ready for Spring! But, we’re not. We still have a few more lessons to learn and tasks to prepare.

In today’s video I discuss these key tasks that we should turn our attention to in February:

  1. Self-care – we are not out of the cocoon yet. We still need to take exquisite care of ourselves so that we will well-rested and ready when the season changes.
  2. Planning and preparation – we may have made New Year’s resolutions and goals in January, but usually by January 8th or so, those have already flown out the window. February is the time to get serious about figuring out what we want to create/manifest this year. What is calling to be birthed this year?
  3. Patience and faith – as frustrating as it might be to get glimpses of the changing of seasons without fully being there yet, we need this extra month before the seasons change to prepare for what is to come. So practice self-care, plan and prepare for your year ahead and then sit back and wait, trusting it will unfold for you in due time.