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Express Your Inner Wild Woman [Guided Meditation Inside!]

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The classroom I am teaching in this Summer is very chilly. Toward the end of class one day, I let my bun loose so my hair would cover my neck and warm it up. “It’s a little bit early to be letting your hair down, isn’t it?” one of my students teased.  I thought to myself, “No, no it’s not. In fact, this is the perfect time to let your hair down and let your Inner Wild Woman out to play.”

Spring in Idaho can be deceptive – 80s and sunny one day, 40s and rainy the next. It often looks warmer than it truly is. And yet… there is a part of me calling to get outside, to shake my hips and move, to fully express my creative self.

Earlier in the year, I started a series I am calling, “Chrysalis.” The first painting, which I finished in February was just that – the cocoon of a monarch butterfly waiting patiently to spread her wings and fly. The second in the series, which I finished in March, I call “Emergence.” It truly represents the energy of Spring for me – half in and half out of the chrysalis. With the chilly and ever-fluctuating Spring we’ve had here this year, it has felt like I have one foot testing the waters so to speak and the other, planted firmly inside where its warm. The final painting, which I started in March, has no name, nor have I finished it. It will be the last in the series – the painting where the butterfly spreads her wings and flies. I look at that half-finished painting nearly every day and think, “No. It’s not quite time yet.” Part of me is ready to spread my wings and soar, and part is quite comfortable in the safety of my cocoon. And yet, I cannot stay here forever.

2016 was a year of closure for many of us – a necessary part of the circle of life. We must close and release what no longer serves so that we may open the doors of possibility. But there is a waiting time. A time when we’ve emerged from that cocoon, but still aren’t quite sure where we’re going or how to get there. May feels like that to me. Sometimes this “hurry up and wait” energy is quite frustrating; other times I am grateful for this time of slowness before the fire of Summer heats everything up and motivates us to move. May is a time of harmonizing, clarifying – we need to make sure the goals we set for ourselves earlier in the year still serve us and that we’re not holding onto pipe dreams.  It’s a time to both open to receive guidance and focus our intentions to move in the direction of what we want to manifest this year.

So how do you handle this energy? It’s time to get in touch with your Wild Woman self and ask her how she wants to be expressed right now. It’s time to make sure you are getting your own needs met. It’s time to root firmly into the earth’s energy, harmonize with your Soul’s purpose, and take aligned action one baby step at a time. It may not quite be time to soar, but it is certainly time to explore and test your wings a little bit!

In today’s video, I lead you through a brief guided meditation to meet your Inner Wild Woman and ask her what she most wants for you right now. I hope it serves you!