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Put On Your Oxygen Mask and Walk in Your Power

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footsteps 02Two weeks ago I shared an experience I had with a random stranger who asked me why I broke my heel. That question led to a powerful insight that I had been living my life from a masculine perspective rather than a feminine one. I pondered that for several days following that meeting, thought I had figured out it and then promptly went back to my masculine ways.

The Universe was not about to let me forget that lesson.

This past week was riddled with more advice from friends and strangers, all telling me that I wasn’t living my true purpose. I was fighting it.

They were right.

From a three hour session with a spiritual teacher that had me bursting into tears in the middle of a coffee shop to three separate people calling me on why I wasn’t living up to my true potential in one single day, the message was clear. Now that I’ve figured out why I broke my heel, if I ever want it to actually heal, I need to make some changes in my life. Major changes. Big changes. Earth shattering changes. And I am scared to death.

What I’ve learned this past week can be summed up by an early morning Facebook conversation I had with a woman I have met only one time. She Facebooked me and asked me:

 “Why aren’t you walking in your power?”

After the initial shock that a woman I barely knew was calling me on this, I realized she was right.

I haven’t been walking in my power. Because I’ve been too busy giving it away.

Thank the Goddess for Cosmic 2 x 4s. Thursday (Halloween) was a pivotal day for me. Not only did 3 separate people call me why I wasn’t walking in my power, but my friends Lisa Marie Rosati and Linda Joy shared their powerful insights in Inspired Living Secrets. I have listened to their telecall 5 times and I imagine I will listen at least 5 times more.

There were so many words of wisdom in that call, but one of the most powerful for me was when Lisa Marie shared an awakening she experienced on an airplane. She was listening to the flight attendant talk about how you should put your own oxygen mask on before putting those on your children and she thought to herself, “That is absolutely not what I would do. I would put it on my children first.” And then it occurred to her: that was her problem.

“If we don’t have any oxygen, how are we going to save our children? And that’s why you put it on yourself first, so you can be of service to others.”

Bingo. And that’s when I realized I had been so busy giving my oxygen/power away to other people; I was spending so much time serving others, I had no more oxygen left. No wonder my heel won’t heal!

Healing requires oxygen, energy, power, and I’ve been giving it all away. In my masculine brain, I’ve been using my “down time” on my sabbatical and with my broken heel to get more done. To be of greater service to others. All the while, two and a half months after re-breaking my heel, I’m still crutching around town. Being of service to others while dragging my bum leg around.

And ultimately, that isn’t serving anyone – least of all me.

So I am changing my focus. I have two months left on my sabbatical before I have to go back to teaching full time. What if during those two months I actually put on my oxygen mask? I focus on healing myself instead of everyone else? I take care of myself first before others?

Is that selfish? No. It’s survival. It’s putting your oxygen mask on first so you can be of more service to others.

So I challenge you to do this with me. I’m not saying you have to devote two months to healing. But I challenge you to do this: spend some time each day putting on your oxygen mask. That is, do something that makes your soul sing – something just for you. Don’t take the kids with you. Don’t invite your significant other. This is YOU time. If that seems daunting, start with 5 minutes a day. Then 10, then 20, then 30. You get the idea.

Ladies, you’ve gone without your oxygen mask for too long. It’s time to put it back on. It’s time to take care of you. It’s time to focus on serving yourself so you have enough left to serve others. And in doing so, you’ll be able to serve from a place of gratitude, love and abundance, rather than from an oxygen-starved resentful or obligatory state. And that’s something we can all benefit from.

Need some self-care tips? Check out these from Shann Vander Leek. Until next week, take care of YOU. 😀


QUOTE: Jean Shinoda Bolen

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“Insights from myth, dreams, and intuitions, from glimpses of an invisible reality, and from perennial human wisdom provide us with hints and guesses about the meaning of life and what we are here for. Prayer, observance, discipline, thought and action are the means through which we grow and find meaning.”


~ Jean Shinoda Bolen