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I Fill Myself First

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January is over, and I couldn't be more excited. Although I love January and the idea of new beginnings and New Year's, I really look forward to February. To me, February is when the ball really starts rolling for goals I’ve set for myself in the New Year.

A few years ago, my friend and colleague, Christine Arylo, declared February international self-love month. She marked February 13 as international self-love day. No, it's not about narcissism. It's about truly learning to love, accept, and appreciate the woman you see in the mirror. While most of us associate February with Valentine's Day, a day when we celebrate our love for others, I loved Christine's idea of including yourself on that list of loved ones – of actually taking time to love, and celebrate, you.

As a result, for the past few years, I too have dubbed February my month of self-love. I've always tried to do something for myself – and for you – to help us learn to love and accept ourselves just as we are. To help us be more compassionate with ourselves. To help us fill ourselves up.

You can’t serve from your reserves (aka an empty cup).

One of my favorite poems/blog posts on this topic was Lissa Rankin’s I Fill Myself First: A Declaration (sadly, it has gone to cyber heaven and is no longer available). But I was able to find one of my favorite quotes from that blog post:

You have SUCH a big heart. I know you want to help so many. But please remember – you can’t serve up water from a dried up well. That notion you have that you must give until you’re depleted and that doing so makes you a valuable, caring person worthy of love and respect, it’s just dead wrong. You’re a valuable caring person worthy of love and respect because you have within you a piece of Divinity (moi!) and that makes you inherently valuable. Try this new mantra instead: I fill myself first so I can heal the world. ~ Lissa Rankin, MD

How will you love, appreciate, and celebrate yourself this month? I just finished the 7-day Love Your Body, Nourish Your Temple challenge. (I wanted to kick off February with a bang, so I started in January. :)) But no worries if you're just now learning about this, you can still sign up for the 7-day challenge here. Because I really wanted to kick February, the month of self-love, off with a bang, I decided to hold a call for you to share all of my favorite ways to love your body, take exquisite care of you, and ensure that you are well nourished. I invite you to join me on February 1 for my free call: the 7 Principles of Being a Well-Nourished Woman. On this call, I will be giving you activities and exercises you can do every day during the month of February to improve your relationship with your body and yourself. I hope you will join me. You can sign up here.

It’s Time for the Sticky Note Challenge!

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How many of you have already heard the voice of your inner mean girl or inner critic today? Me too. Good thing it's February: International Self-Love Month! (Don't worry if it's not February when you're reading this – you can do this anytime.)

Let me introduce to you the Sticky Note Challenge!

Here are the rules:
1) head over to my FB page and see what the sticky note of the day is
2) share the sticky notes on FB
3) write out your own sticky note and put it where you can see it during the day, and
4) write out sticky notes for others and let them be surprised when they find them!!!

I love sticky note month!