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Waiting for Godot

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x-rayAs I sit here waiting to learn the fate of my heel at the doctors office, I am nervous with anticipation. Universe, have I learned my lesson yet? Have I finally healed? 

It's been a long road, one bent with pain and frustration. For my heel, for my life. It's been a long 6 months and much has happened since I rebroke my heel. 
As Cosmic 2x4s go, it's been a great one. It forced me to slow down, to reassess my life, to stop for a moment and just breathe. It allowed me to realize the importance of taking care if myself, putting my oxygen mask on, and loving myself fully and completely.
My heel is strong, stable, supportive. It has seen me through so much in my 40 years on this Earth. And for that I am grateful. I have given it the chance to rest. I will soon know if that time has been enough.

Sometimes waiting is the hardest part, but it can also be where the lessons are learned. Where the struggles start to make sense. Where we realize that maybe what we were waiting for all along was there inside of us to begin with. 

Healing, like life, is a journey. One that it some ways we are never through with until the Universe decides our time is up.


What have you been waiting for? What Life questions still need answers for you to be comfortable with who you are right now? Ask yourself: do I really Need those answers. Do I really Need to keep waiting for …

I am reminded of a play I saw several years ago, Waiting for Godot. It's about 2 men who waste their lives waiting for this Godot, who never shows. But there they stay, waiting faithfully. 
Today I wait no more. I just for cleared to run again. It's been a year and a half. I've bee holding myself back, waiting for my body, mind and spirit to heal. I wait no more. I'm ready.

What will you stop waiting for today?  What step will you take to move forward with your life?