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Featured GODDESS: Maeve

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Goddess of Fertility

“Pay attention to the cycles and rhythms of your life for they hold the keys to your personal power. Call on me when you need strength to take action in a sticky situation.”





Traits Maeve Embodies:

  • Magic and mysticism
  • Fertility
  • Lust
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions
  • Solving problems without sacrificing yourself


How to call on Maeve:

In addition to being a Goddess of Fertility, Maeve was also a Goddess of War, but not in the traditional sense. Maeve was known for stopping wars using her Feminine Powers of Persuasion. She also forbid any fighting when she was menstruating as that was her sacred time. In ancient times, the Celts honored Maeve by drinking mead (and making sure they didn’t argue or wage war while she was menstruating!). To honor Maeve, draw a warm bath, grab a glass of wine, sit back and relax, tuning into your own inner strength and power.


Prayer to Maeve:


Maeve, Goddess of Fertility and the Cycles of Life,

I call upon you to give me strength and realize my own personal power.

In your honor, I vow to be Creatrix of my own fate and take responsibility for my actions.

Please help me Know and See so that I may always act with Right Action in Your Honor.

Thank you, Maeve.


Tribute to Maeve:

As a tribute to Maeve, poor some of your wine into the ground after you finish your bath and prayers.