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Facing the Woman in the Mirror: Getting Honest About Your Life

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Beautiful young woman looking in the mirrorIt’s the second week of January and you know what that means: the pressure is on to keep those New Year’s Resolutions you made last week. The problem is that most people fall off the wagon on their New Year’s Resolutions by the second week in January. That would be now. Gulp!

Rather than making New Year’s Resolutions, I do two things: 1) pick a theme for the year – mine is receptivity – and 2) get brutally honest about what’s working well and what’s not working so well in my life. Once you figure that out, you can make goals – not resolutions – for the areas of your life that aren’t going so well.

To make this easy-breezy for you, I made a video for you that has all the areas I want you to assess and tells you what to do with this information.

There are a few ways to handle this information. I prefer one of these two approaches:

  • Pick one of those areas and really focus on it for a month – think: deep dive. This might involve setting goals for that area and checking back on your progress each week to see how things are going. I find weekly goals work even better for me – that way I don’t procrastinate.
  • Pick three of those areas and set one goal for e ach to accomplish over the next month – these will be smaller end goals than in the first scenario because you won’t be diving as deeply, but that might be perfectly appropriate for areas that are already at a 5 or 6 – areas that need a polish and shine rather than a total redo.

At the end of the month, re-evaluate. See if your scores have changed. Or start with a new area (or three). That’s how you make effective New Year’s “Resolutions”! It’s a process, not a one-time deal.

Inner Goddess Wisdom Action Plan:

Watch the video and come up with a plan to address one (or three) areas this month.


What Do You Want?

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Young woman watching airplane fly by from tropical beachReally truly want? I've been asked that question a lot lately in different forms: relationships, ideal life, dream life, work-life balance, etc.

I thought I knew the answers until I really started to think about it, to delve deeper. So I went back to my Life Satisfaction Inventory and really asked those questions. I found the answers enlightening and not necessarily what I thought I would say. So let's pull the gloves off and dig deep. The key is to connect in with your inner goddess and respond with the first thing that comes up – not what your brain says, but what your heart says. This is not a ‘should' or ‘need to' or a to-do list! This is your heart, your intuition taking the wheel for a little while. We'll get to the do-ing kind later. 🙂
Ready? Take a deep breath, out your hand over your heart, grab your journal, and dive in!

What do I want my Physical Activity to look like?


I thought my answer would be running and weight lifting, but that's not what came out. My intuition simply said, ‘I want to be fit and healthy.'


What do I want my Nutrition to look like?

I figured I'd get chocolate! My intuition said, ‘I want to be able to eat whatever I feel like without digestive consequences.' If you suffer from food allergies and intolerances like I do, you know this is a tall order!

What do I want my Finances to look like?

I never thought of myself as someone focused on getting more money; I just want enough to pay for my needs and some of my wants. My heart thinks differently about this one: ‘I want to be wealthy and live an abundant and affluent lifestyle.' Well, alrighty then!

What do I want my Joy to look like?

This one wasn't too surprising: ‘I want to be joy-full.'

What do I want my Creativity to look like?

‘I want to paint again and finish my series.' Last fall I started painting my chakras. I got through 5, started 6, didn't like it, painted over it and quit. So it's still sitting on my shelf waiting to be finished. Time to get the paints and brushes back out!

What do I want my Spirituality to look like?

I want to be an Everyday Goddess/Priestess  and do a better job of following the moon's cycles and the seasons.

What do I want my Education to look like?

I figured I wouldn't have anything to say about this as I have no desire to go back to school right now. But my intuition was thinking outside he box on this one: I want to learn how to pole dance and be a better belly dancer.

What do I want my Career to look like?

No big surprise on this one: I want to be a successful entrepreneur.

What do I want my Relationship with my Romantic Partner to look like?

This one was inspired by fellow Everyday Goddesses Stacey Martino, Linda Joy, and Lisa Marie Rosati: I want to have a partner who treats me like the Goddess I am.

What do I want my Relationships with my Family to look like?

After scattering my dad's ashes a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I want to have a better relationship with my mother. I'm not sure what at will look like, I just know it needs lots of work!

What do I want my Relationships with Friends to look like?

This one surprised me as well as I thought I did… I want to have friends that I enjoy spending time with and are there for me. I think this holds true for me as well. I need to do a better job being a good friend. Life has been so crazy lately that I haven't been prioritizing my friends. This needs to change.

What do I want my Social Life to look like?

My brain would have said, ‘What social life?!, but my heart said: I want to have girlfriend time at least once a week outside of work and dance.

What do I want my Home Environment to look like?

I want my home to be my sanctuary. It used to be and I made some changes lately to make sure it still feels that way.

What do I want my Self-Care to look like?

My brain says I don't have time. Good thing m heart knows: I want to take exquisite care of myself. This is a struggle for me when the busyness takes over. Fortunately my body always knows when I need a break and makes sure I take it!  I write this as I am home sick today. 🙂

What do I want my Physical Health to look like?

I want to heal my adrenal fatigue. It's a good the I'm prioritizing my self-care as that's the way to heal adrenal fatigue…

What do I want my Mental Health to look like?

I want to heal my anxiety. Lisa Marie Rosati says that worry is putting our power into the future. I'd rather keep my energy and my power in the here and now.
So how did you do? Any surprises? I'd love to here your thoughts below.