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Featured GODDESS: Lucina

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Goddess of Light

“Why have you been hiding your light? It’s time to come out from behind the dark curtain.”





Traits Lucina Embodies:

  • Inner wisdom
  • Light-bringer
  • Illumination
  • Insight
  • Self-trust


How to call on Lucina:

Protector of women, especially during childbirth, Lucina is the Goddess who brings light (and children of the light) to the world. Some say she is a Moon Goddess; some say she is an aspect of Juno or Artemis. Although her parentage is a mystery, one thing is clear: if you find yourself in the dark, call upon Lucina to help light your way – literally or metaphorically!


Prayer to Lucina:


Lucina, You who bring Light to the Dark,

Hear my Prayers

I have been hiding my light,

Afraid for the world to see who I really am

But I am ready to emerge from behind the curtain of my own creation,

Ready to shine my light for all the world to see

In this I pray for your help!

Thank you Light-Bringer,

Thank you Lucina!


Tribute to Lucina:


The best way to honor Lucina is to shine your light! Be a beacon unto the world. Speak your truth, walk in your power, and Soar!

Featured GODDESS: Freya

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Goddess of Love

“Take a risk; follow your heart. It will help lead the way to your desires.”



Traits Freya Embodies:

  • love
  • sexuality
  • beauty
  • fertility
  • adventure


How to call on Freya:

Known for riding a chariot pulled by two cats, having a pet boar, and donning a cloak of falcon feathers, Freya was not a Goddess to be reckoned (hello –she had a wild boar as a pet!). Some historians believe this Norse Goddess was replaced by the Virgin Mary when Norway and Sweden were Christianized. Regardless, her name still lives on in several plants and place names in modern-day Scandinavia.


Prayer to Freya:


Freya, Goddess of Love

Help me to be bold enough to pursue my dreams

Daring enough to reach for the stars

And courageous enough to live among them!

I ask that you show me the way!

Thank you, Freya!


Tribute to Freya:

Given Freya’s associations with birds and animals, spending some time volunteering in an animal sanctuary or taking care of stray animals who seek you out would not go unnoticed by Freya.

Doors, Ties, and Wedding Vows

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Brass Doorknob“Hope your life is going beautifully,” my ex texted me yesterday after explaining that he took me off his Costco membership, which I paid for. Well, up until now.

It’s been months since I heard from him, and he caught me off guard. You would think communicating with him after being divorced for a year wouldn’t affect me. Yet, it does. Apparently, I still harbor a bit of bitterness and resentment around our 21-year relationship.

Yet, this is good information to have, as without awareness, you cannot achieve clarity. That said, it was also unwelcome – a door I thought I’d closed, re-opening to reveal there are still skeletons in my closet.

As I read this text from my ex, my man watched from across the room. I’m sure he could see the emotions written on my face. When I told him what happened, he made a scissors motion with his fingers – a symbol for cutting yet another tie that binds me to my ex. I know he’s right – he has the most amazing insights. And I don’t mind cutting these remaining ties – I much prefer it to keeping them. My frustration comes in realizing I have them in the first place. A year after my divorce, I want to be done. I thought I was. Each time I find out differently, it sets me back a bit. Makes me re-examine where I am and who I’ve become. The good news is that I am where I should be and I love who I’ve become. I am happier now than I’ve been in a long time – maybe ever.

I know that behind me are a lot of doors – some are still open, some are closed, and some are nailed tight and boarded up. But whenever I am faced with a door – old or new, welcome or unwelcome – it’s because the Universe thinks I would benefit from examining this door.

So why the door to my marriage? Why now? Two reasons come to mind: 1) I’ve been doing a lot of clearing around some old wounds concerning my ex and my healer warned me he might reappear in my life. 2) I’m in a place in my life where I am examining the construct of marriage – the “ties that bind” metaphorically speaking.

My therapist asked me last week whether Rio and I had talked about marriage. We have – in some distant, future, abstract kind of way. The thought of remarriage both excites and terrifies me. At this point, the latter certainly wins out over the former.

After my divorce, I swore I’d never marry again. (Don’t you love how the Universe pushes all of your buttons? Make a declaration and sooner or later, you’ll be tested on how serious you were when you said it!) Marriage is a big deal to me – til death do you part and all that. When I married my ex, I never dreamed of a time that we wouldn’t be together. When I got divorced – even though I knew in my heart it was for the best – it still felt like failure, a betrayal of the vows I took before friends, family, and God/dess. So the thought of committing myself for all time – especially knowing firsthand the possibility of broken vows again – frightens me. Yes, it’s a distant possibility – that’s a bridge to be crossed when, and if, we get there – but the fact that it’s been a frequent topic of conversation with my friends and counselor of late makes me wonder all the same.

This begs the question: What is marriage? My rather jaded post-divorce answer is that marriage is a piece of paper that legally binds two people together and carries social, legal, and – in some groups – religious implications. There are certainly legal perks to that little piece of paper – tax benefits and health insurance coverage by your spouse, to name a few. There are social perks as well, which I didn’t even know existed until I was no longer married and became a bit of a pariah to my still-married friends.

But it’s more than that. It’s a commitment to stick together, to support each other, to love and honor and respect one another no matter what. Disagreements should not get in the way, nor should family, friends, work, children, or any host of other obligations, duties, and responsibilities. This is where my former marriage failed – everything got in the way: his family of origin, my work, our separate lives. Until there was no honor, no respect, no support, no love left. Only duty, obligation, and responsibility to each other remained. For me, that simply wasn’t enough.

So what is marriage? According to, marriage is: “any of the diverse forms of interpersonal union established in various parts of the world to form a familial bond that is recognized legally, religiously, or socially, granting the participating partners mutual conjugal rights and responsibilities.” I still think that greatly simplifies the issue. Yes, it is an interpersonal union – in fact, that’s a beautiful way to describe it. But I think it transcends ‘familial bonds’ and ‘mutual conjugal rights and responsibilities.’ It’s an intimate soul connection – or at least it should be. And if there is a ‘this time around,’ I will settle for no less.

In the end, the piece of paper that legally binds two people together really isn’t all that important. What matters to me is that those two people – two hearts, two souls – have consciously come together in interpersonal union. A union that transcends any legal, social, or religious obligation. That’s something I didn’t understand at 18 – when I met my ex – or at 21 – when I married him. Yet, at 40, my views on marriage, vows, ties – and doors – have changed quite a bit.

What door will the Universe provide next for you to examine?



Everyday GODDESS: Lynda Monk

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Lynda monkLynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC is the founder of Creative Wellness – where writing, well-being and transformation meet. She regularly speaks, coaches and teaches about the transformational and healing power of expressive writing and journaling for individual and collective well-being. Lynda is the author of Life Source Writing™: A Reflective Journaling Practice for Self-Discovery, Self-Care, Wellness and Creativity. She is the co-author of a forthcoming book (November 2014) called Writing Alone Together: Journaling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection.


What does being an Everyday Goddess mean to you?

Being am Everyday Goddess means connecting with the power of the Divine Feminine in my daily life. I do this through gratitude practices, self-care, reflective journaling and regular connection with nature and the cycles of Mother Earth. It means connecting with others and myself in sacred, loving and compassionate ways – it means embracing personal leadership and choosing to make a difference in the lives of others. Being an Everyday Goddess connects me with an awareness of the interconnection of all living things, it means believing in Angels, Source energy and a power greater than myself. As an Everyday Goddess, I embrace beauty, peace, sensuality, love and a deep faith that I am always supported by all that is.


At what age did you awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine and would you describe it as a sudden awakening or a gentle unfolding?

I was in my twenties when I awakened to the Divine Feminine, as a spiritual path versus a religious doctrine – this really spoke to me. I was raised Catholic and in my late teens I became very frustrated with the patriarchal nature of this religious institution, I chose to explore religious studies and philosophy as part of my university studies, in part searching for a belief and value system that had resonance for me as a woman, as a Goddess. I met a dear friend, Chris Leischner (she was also raised Catholic), who described herself as a Wiccan & Pagan cross – I liked the sounds of that and experienced many rituals with her over the years, including Solstice and Equinox celebrations. She introduced me to books by Starhawk and other women who were leading the way with an understanding of the Goddess within and I felt deeply connected to all that I was learning and experiencing. I have always been part of women’s communities – circles, writing groups, book clubs, and soulful gatherings where we honour in various ways the Divine Feminine and the role female leadership plays in our families, communities and the world.

Now at nearly 45 years of age (I was born on September 11th, 1969 to a woman who could not keep me as her own), as a mother, sister, daughter, adoptee, wife, writer, social worker, life coach and Goddess – I am aware that being an Everyday Goddess is a continual journey of “gentle unfolding” with some radical moments that define who I am along the way (that are less gentle, more abrupt moments and experiences that represent my growth, learning, humility and expansion on this sacred path of embracing the Divine Feminine and conscious living path.)


What roles in your life had to transform in order for you to live authentically?

Many roles in my life needed to transform, or evolve, since living authentically requires different shifts (releases, letting go, surrendering, embracing, claiming…new beginnings), at different times. I have left a marriage, moved to an island, shifted in my career, started a business, redefined that business many times, went from dealing with infertility to becoming a mother of two amazing sons, allowed more love in – including self-love (this is the most important aspect of honouring and expressing the Divine Feminine!)

In terms of my business, I had to shift my focus (more than once) to keep listening to the call from within to do something different. This at times, has involved struggle, resistance and fear. For example, after I became a Life Coach, I kept feeling called to make the heart of my business all about helping heart-centered women create transformational writing practices in their lives for self-care, healing and personal growth. But I kept wondering, “Is this is enough, can I really let my coaching business be all about my passion for going to the page to know, grow and care for myself and to help other women do the same in their lives?” I felt like I was leaving my professional path of doing the “serious work” of stress, burnout and trauma management, education and intervention that had marked my career for over a decade as a social worker, trainer and workshop facilitator. I wondered what my colleagues and clients would think about this new focus in my work. Could I be successful making Writing for Wellness the heart of my business? In some ways, I am still answering this question. I am so excited about the path ahead – I feel on fire with desire to create more programs- to publish more, to let writing lead the way in my life and work – for me, this is authentic living – because writing helps me listen within and chart the course that is most true, a course that embraces the Divine Feminine in every way.


What have been some of the greatest inner gifts you’ve experienced since stepping into your feminine power?

I have felt in touch with my feminine power for a long time. I am deeply aware that this infuses and benefits every part of my life – my marriage, motherhood, health, business, friendships – the whole of my life is sacred and supported by continuing to grow and step into my feminine power. I feel a new wave of transformation coming as I cross the threshold of publishing a book this November called Writing Alone Together: Journaling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection – a project inspired by the Divine Feminine and the healing power of words and women’s stories.

Ultimately the greatest gifts I experience are inner peace and an ever-present faith that things are always unfolding as they are meant to. I also know that my dreams and creative pursuits are not the “extras” in life that get attention when there is “time left over” (since none of us seem to have much of that these days!), but rather following the pulse of my desires and creative self-expression are the foundation to embracing the Divine Feminine – this allows me to keep opening, listening, growing and serving from a deeply rooted place.


Can you share some of your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

Making love with my husband, playing at the beach with our sons, family blessings and our form of prayer, journaling, dancing, singing, writing, collage, visiting art galleries, listening to music, meditating, yoga, attending retreats, facilitating writing and self-care retreats, reading inspirational quotes, surrounding myself with positive, awake women, soulful conversations with friends, taking time for solitude, stillness and silence, slowing down and listening within, sacred self-care, acknowledging the four directions, the elements, the Earth and my connection to all that is.


Is there a particular Goddess that you are intimately drawn to and why?

My dear friend, Linda Dobson – we have started every email to one another for many years…Dear Goddess of Beauty, or Dear Goddess of Getting Things Done, or….(the title is always unique based on what we see and want for one another at the time) – I am drawn to her due to her strength, intelligence, sense of living fully, to the way she always tries to come home to herself in the midst of a very full life – she has 3 grown children, 7 grandchildren, a busy career/business – and she takes time to travel, connect with friends in meaningful ways, meditate, create beauty in her home, etc. She also knows how to laugh at herself and with others – her caring is real and I honour her as a Goddess in every sense of the word. I am near the age of her oldest daughter, she is the age of my biological mother – we are in different stages of our lives and careers – yet we are the best of friends. The Divine Feminine is the quiet weave of love that connects us together.

I am also drawn to a circle of Goddesses, many of whom I have never met, like yourself, Mary and other women within the community of Goddesses that Linda Joy is cultivating through her work in the world.


Is there a personal message that you would like to share with women?  

In my own life and in the journey of supporting other women on their own unique paths, one of the key areas of women’s lives that seem to be perpetually calling for more attention is self-care in mind, body, heart and spirit. As women, we can easily abandon ourselves, our own needs, our instincts, our desires – in service to the needs, desires, demands and expectations of others – even without realizing it. There can be a sense of martyrdom in serving the needs of others, sacrificing ourselves along the way – I have experienced this in my own life at times, as a helping professional, as a wife, mother, daughter, etc. – and I see it as a common challenge for busy, everyday Goddesses.

I invite all women to pause, to reflect and to listen within – whether that is through a reflective journaling practice, meditation, quiet walks in nature, solo retreats or folded into the ordinary moments in daily life – pause, breathe, listen and honour the whispers of wisdom within. Listen to the body – what does it need and want – rest, movement, touch? Listen to the mind – what does it need and want – stimulation, new opportunities, silence? Listen to your heart – what emotional needs do you have – perhaps you long for more love, connection, belonging, acceptance? Listen to your spirit – what part of your unique essence wants to be expressed? How do you honour your connection to all that is – others, the earth, the space beyond it all?

Most of all, remember that you are enough! Happiness is your birthright. You are a bright light and the Divine Feminine wants to shine and manifest itself through each and every one of us. Sometimes, we simply need to get out of the way and allow our greatness…our beauty and wisdom and uniqueness to shine like diamonds in the midst of it all. You are perfect just the way you are. You know what is best. You are never alone. We are all in this life together, alone and together.


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Going All In

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It's A New Dawn, A New Day, And I'm feeling good. 

Words to Nina Simone's Feeling Good float through my head this morning; yesterday's moment of grief and tears a reminder that I am no longer the woman I was and my man is not my ex.

I told you a few weeks ago that had come to terms with my infertility, that I had decided I didn't want to have a child. Then I met Rio.

5 weeks in, I realized something. Just because I didn't want a child with my ex doesn't mean I don't want a child period.

That shocked me. Floored me, actually. I thought it was settled between me and the Universe. Infertility. No child. I was okay with that. Apparently I'm not. And that brought up a whole host of issues for me – baggage I thought I'd settled.

So when my period started yesterday – 2 weeks early – I found myself crying. Blaming myself. Apologizing. Feeling like I had let my man down. I was back in ‘it's my fault mode.' Again.

Then it dawned on me. He didn't blame me. Didn't criticize. Didn't feel like I had let him down. That was all me. This man – water to my earth, fire to my air – this man is not my ex. There is no expectation. There is no white picket fence dream. There just is. And it is beauty-full.

His response to my news that I started my period and therefore wasn't pregnant? ‘More love making. Yeah!'

I'm tears and sorrow and focused on a missed opportunity and he's happy we get to keep trying. Funny how perspective changes everything…

My second aha moment came today. I am in New Jersey at Stacey Martino's Relationship Breakthrough Retreat. When I signed up for the retreat in early May, I was ‘in transition' (aka divorced and not dating anyone). I hoped I would get as much out of the retreat as I was getting out of Stacey's 8-week on-line relationship transformation program.

This morning we were talking about the four levels of love and how most of us operate from level 2 – the equal-partnership-with-a-scorecard-so-you-can-make-sure-you're-not-getting-shortchanged level. That certainly described my marriage and that of my parents. I didn't know there was another option. But through Stacey's courses, I learned another level was possible: level 3.

Level 3 love is ‘all in' kind of love. You show up. 100%. No judgement. No measuring. No scorecard. It's the risky, vulnerable, raw kind of love. The kind where you could get hurt. A lot. But it's also the kind that you dream of; the kind you read about in romance novels. The kind I never thought was possible. I was too practical to believe in that kind of love. I had  never been with a man that went all in. I certainly had never gone all in myself.

I'm not sure when it happened, or why the Universe decided to finally show me what I'd been missing all these years, but not long after Rio and I started dating, he told me he was all in. I wasn't entirely sure what that meant, but it sounded good. So sign me up!

It turns out that Rio's ‘all in' is the same as Level 3 love. He loves me. All of me. Unconditionally. Fully. Completely. It's beauty-full, and a little scary. I've never felt quite so loved, cherished, vulnerable.

So I went all in too. Or so I thought.

But what I realized today was that I wasn't all in – more like 80%. Enough to feel ‘all in' compare to how I felt in my marriage, where I was at best 50% in, but not 100%. Because that would be too much, too scary. I still had to protect my heart, you see.

Then I figured out why I was hesitant to go all in. I was still convinced at some level that the failure of my marriage was my fault. Between the infertility and me not being ‘all in,' I had convinced myself that I wasn't good enough. I didn't deserve the ‘all in' kind of love – even when it was offered with no strings attached. Self-blame is quite destructive.

Tonight I made a decision to leave my baggage here. Or better yet to kick it back where it came from. These things that are preventing me from going all in – the notion that I'm not good enough or somehow flawed and don't deserve it, the self-blame – those are old stories.  Myths, if you will, that don't serve me. But if I've learned anything over the past year and a half it's that the beauty of stories is that you can rewrite them – as many times as you want.

My story of intimate relationships, of what love is really like, is a story that I have decided to rewrite. My new story goes something like this…

In the past, I allowed myself to get in my own way. I shamed and blamed myself into thinking I didn't deserve happiness in romantic relationships because I was flawed. Today I know that I am perfect, whole, and beauty-full as I am and that I deserve ‘all in' kind of love. I deserve to start a family at age 40 with a man who loves me 100% unconditionally and accepts me completely for who I am. And he deserves the same from me.

Today I leave my baggage at the door.

Baby, get ready; I'm going all in!



Are You Getting Your Needs Met?

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Couple holding hands.


Had you asked me when I was married if I was getting my needs met, I would have told you decidedly no. But had you asked me what needs weren’t being met, I would have had trouble voicing that. I knew my needs weren’t being met, but I couldn’t necessarily tell you what my needs were either. Then I met Stacey Martino.

Trained and certified by Tony Robbins, Stacey and Paul Martino have dedicated their lives to empowering people to transform their intimate relationships – and single people like me transform themselves to attract and keep their forever love relationship.

I can’t pretend that had I met Stacey before my divorce, my marriage wouldn’t have ended because I think we were too far gone for saving by that point. But I can say that looking back, I understand so much more about what went wrong and why. And it really all boils down to this: I wasn’t meeting his needs and he wasn’t meeting mine. The difference is now I know what my needs actually were and why he couldn’t meet them.

Stacey taught me that according to Human Needs Psychology, there are 6 fundamental human needs that must be met by your partner for your relationship to truly soar. While I was getting all of my needs met – we have to; we gravitate to whatever will meet these needs because they are so important – it wasn’t by my ex-husband. It was through work – his chief topic of complaint about our relationship. He wasn’t my number 1; work was – and for good reason – work was meeting my needs, he wasn’t. By the same token, I wasn’t his number 1 either – his mother and grandmother were. Again, they were meeting his needs, I wasn’t.

So what are these needs and how did not getting them met lead to the downfall of my 21-year relationship with my ex?

Certainty – Are you certain about your partner or do you fear he or she will leave you? – Of all of the fundamental human needs, this is one my ex was actually meeting – although maybe not for the right reasons. I knew – in fact, he told me on many occasions – that he would never leave me. He was miserable – we both were – but he couldn’t bring himself to leave me. I was the sole breadwinner and we’d been together 21 years when it was all said and done. Between our history together (I’d spent more of my life with him than without as I was 39 when we divorced) and his uncertainty about being able to support himself, I was certain he would never leave me. He was less certain about me. He knew I loved him – still do, probably always will – but neither of us were ‘in love’ with each other and hadn’t been in a long time.

Variety – Are you stuck in a rut? I’m a romantic at heart; my ex wasn’t. While we both were bored in our relationship, attempts to ‘spice things up’ usually didn’t work as we didn’t like doing the same things. So there again – we were both getting our need for variety met, just not by each other. As a teacher, no day is ever quite the same – so once again, work met my need for variety. He liked to go out and do things. I did too, but not all the time. After a long day at work, I usually wanted to put on my cozy clothes and relax, whereas he wanted to go out and paint the town. Then again, he didn’t have to get up early the next morning and I did. So variety – yes; just not with each other.

Significance – Do you feel important and special in your romantic relationship? I knew my ex loved me, but this isn’t what significance is about. Did I feel important to him? No. Did he make me feel special? No. And I didn’t make him feel that way either. By the end of our marriage he was an annoyance to me, and I a bitter reminder of what could have been to him. Were we getting this need met? Of course – but there again, I got it at work and from my friends; he got it from his mother and grandmother. Consequently, he put them first just as I put work and my friends first. Lesson learned: We prioritize those who meet our needs…

Connection/Love – Do you feel a deep soul connection with your partner? I didn’t; never really did. Didn’t even know it was possible. I thought that kind of love was fiction – it made for a great romance novel, but didn’t happen in real life. And then I started meeting couples who seemed to embody this and it made me sad because I knew in my heart it wasn’t possible for me to achieve that kind of love with my ex. There was one particular couple we met while on our last vacation together that really hit it home for me. They were so connected, so in love; we weren’t and hadn’t been for a long time. That’s when I finally admitted to myself that we weren’t going to make it.

Growth – Are you and your partner growing individually and together? This one need was perhaps the one that bothered me most. I am highly vested in personal growth. It is important to me that I continue to evolve and grow as a person. My ex didn’t get that. Why would I want to change? If it’s not broken, it doesn’t need fixed… And yes, for a while I did think I was broken and was looking for a fix through personal growth and development. But ultimately it became more about the fact that I highly valued my own personal growth and he didn’t – for himself or for me. That ended up being a deal breaker for us.

Contribution – Are you making a difference in the world? I decided to be a teacher because I wanted to change lives. My ex had no aspirations, no goals in life, no need to make a contribution. He felt he had nothing to offer. For a while I tried to change him; help him identify ways he could make a contribution. But ultimately you can’t force someone to do something they don’t want to do.


Bottom line: Last week I talked to you about making a commitment to myself. One of the ways I am embodying this is by making sure I know how to be a really good partner – to myself and to a potential SoulMate – before I step into another relationship. So I enrolled in Stacey & Paul’s 8 week Relationship Quick Start program (I just finished week 4-so halfway through and learning so much!) And I’m going to their Relationship Breakthrough Retreat in July! 

Until next time, make sure you’re getting your needs met in whatever way is healthiest for you. And if you are in a current romantic relationship, you might assess these needs from your partner’s perspective too. You might be surprised at what you find.


What Do You Want Out of a Relationship?

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Woman Holding Valentine's Day Gift BagThat was the question my therapist asked me this morning. I paused.

“I can tell you what I don’t want,” I said.

But I know better than that. I know that what you focus your attention on is what you bring to your life. I learned that lesson very well when I attracted the cartoonish, creepy doppelganger of a man I had my heart sat on. (They even had the same name!) So in the Universe’s own twisted way, it gave me exactly what I asked for only to make me realize I didn’t want it in the first place.

I thought some more.

“I want a partner, an equal. I want a man who will respect, honor, and love me for me – just as I am. I want someone I can travel with and have fun with. I want someone I’m attracted to and who’s attracted to me on many levels: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

“And did you have that in your marriage?” she asked. “How much did you feel you could be yourself?”

“No. Not in the least. I got tired of trying to pretend to be someone I wasn’t.”

“And so maybe getting a divorce wasn’t about leaving your husband, but about finding you,” she said.
Yes! 2013 was all about finding me. 2014 is about embracing what I found and figuring out what I want out of life now that I can finally be who I want to be. And I have realized several things along the way:


  • I actually like me. I’m a pretty cool person – one that shouldn’t try to be someone else just to please a friend/family member/significant other.
  • I know the Universe has my back and will give me just what I need at just the right time. All I have to do is trust and let go.
  • No one is going to save me or fix me because I’m not broken and I sure as heck don’t need saving!
  • My life is a lot better when I try being my own best friend instead of my own worst enemy.
  • Yes, I have accomplished a lot in my life, but those “things” I have done are just that – things. They aren’t who I am.
  • Ditto for the many mistakes I’ve made. I am not my mistakes, either. I have learned to forgive myself and move on.
  • If I stop trying to escape from my life and actually listen to my inner goddess and heed her guidance, I actually like my life. So there’s nothing to escape from.
  • I have been blessed with some pretty cool friends. I am one of them.
  • I feel fortunate every day for what I have and what I don’t because apparently whatever it is that I think I need, I don’t. And if I do, it will come to me when it’s supposed to.
  • I love being in nature – especially my back yard. It brings me peace.
  • I have all the love I need in my life right now – even though I have no romantic partner. I am love in its very essence and I am surrounded by love and beauty in all things at all time. I only have to open my eyes to see it.
  • I don’t need a man to complete me – I’m whole by myself. Any romantic partner I might attract would just be an added bonus, not a necessity. You see, I don’t need a Prince Charming – I am one!

Here’s to discovering, embracing, and be-ing YOU this year!

Wisdom – Charlene Proctor

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“Wisdom resides in the challenges you experience, whether it is grief, loss, loneliness, losing your job, or difficult relationships. They are meant to mirror what you need to learn and overcome in order to realize your own power to renovate your environment into one filled with love. Our evolution as human beings depends upon it. You are a beautiful soul, no longer awaiting your own transformation when you choose to take charge of your thinking.”


~ Charlene M. Proctor, Ph.D