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Everyday GODDESS: Shiloh Sophia McCloud

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shiloh 2Shiloh Sophia McCloud has dedicated the past seventeen years of her life to the study and practice of art as a spiritual discipline as well as to helping equip women with the tools and understanding to develop their own creative potential. As a leader in helping to build a transformational art movement, Shiloh lives and teaches a philosophy that all art forms are tools for individual, social and spiritual transformation.

What does being an Everyday Goddess mean to you?

I think of myself as a Maestra, which is an less modern word from 1700’s which means a master in any of the arts. So I think of myself as both working in the old ways, and in the new ways of the feminine. I don’t think of myself as a Goddess per say, since that title is so hugely honorous and belongs to HER. But it does mean that I am a part of her great unfolding on this planet. A part of herstory. Of bringing feminine images and wisdom to the forefront through media.


At what age did you awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine and would you describe it as a sudden awakening or a gentle unfolding?

I have always walked with her in one way or another, but it was around 23 that I truly had my own awakening with the Virgin Mary as the image of the Divine Feminine. It was gentle in that there was this presence of LOVE but it was also fierce in that my world was turned upside down and all around. Her presence changed everything and that is when I actually entered more deeply into my artist self. She was like my wake up call Mama, awakening me to the passion within myself, and the compassion that was needed in the world by those of us choosing to be awake. That we were each needed to do our part to end suffering, and she began to reveal my role in that.


What roles in your life had to transform in order for you to live authentically?

My life as a creative being is in devotion to HER and so my life choices are based on my relationship with her and whether or not it aligns. Living authentically with her means listening to my heart, body and senses – and living a life of service and beauty. Authenticity is something that changes with time, when you don’t know who you are and what your choices are, then it is hard to live true to them, which doesn’t mean you are not living authentically. For me living authentically is as simple as expressing myself in that given day with where I am.


What have been some of the greatest inner gifts you’ve experienced since stepping into your feminine power?

I became an artist who created images inspired by her, as well as images of women who were living into their gifts. So the big ole’ shiny blessing that comes from connecting with her presence in my life is that I get to be a painter. This has changed my entire life, and now the lives of thousands of other women who work with her image for themselves. And for me, the HER is Virgin Mary but for many of us she comes in different forms and names. LIVING from the space of Her wisdom means that I live my life purpose, living from what I call my soulfire.


Can you share some of your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

When I paint I pray and put my hands on the canvas. I ask her to come through it to me. I write my intention onto the canvas and I call this kind of creating, intentional creativity. This could include anything from rose petals to holy water, to chocolate. I set up altars in my home that represent either the seasons, directions or the theme I am working with in my life at that time.


Is there a particular Goddess that you are intimately drawn to and why?

I am particularly working with the Blessed Mother Mary. For over 50,000 years images of the feminine have been on this planet, our mother has never abandoned us. And Mary is the most recent, as well as the one who brings the medicine of the child of Light and Forgiveness, Jesus.


Is there a personal message that you would like to share with women?  

I believe that every single human being is a creative being with something to say.

here is a poem I wrote to that thought:


 has a dream to live

 Everyone has

 a story to tell

 a song to sing

a dance to dance

 a poem to share

 a healing journey

 a medicinal remedy

 a love story

 a teaching to offer

 a mountain to move

 a gift of wild wisdom

 a plan of action

 a desire to express

 a painting to paint

 a vision to live

 a legend to unfold


especially you


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More of Shiloh Sophia's Goddess-Centered Poetry:


Our Lady of the Red Thread

Our Lady of the Red Thread

According to Thy Wisdom

Open the doors that need to open.

Close the doors that need to close.

Mend that which needs mending.

Let loose what needs letting loose.

Show us the pathway through the tangle.

And lead us not to where we need not go.

Remind us to keep opening our hearts.

And to keep them open during hard times.

Make faith shine like a light in our minds.

And keep us from stumbling, too long, in darkness.


The Courage to Love

May we find comfort

when we feel discouraged.

May we reach out for each other’s hands

when we feel alone.

May we find the courage to love,

even when it is a risk.

Most of the time true loving is a risk.

And well worth it.

May we find the sweet cup of forgiveness

so we can be set free.

May we create space to

make love ~ make art

make music ~ make good food

make tiny gardens ~ make writings

make relationships work ~

make possibilities come to life.

May we make conversations happen

on what is important.
Sacred. Loving. Healing.

Hope. Gratitude. True work.
Growing closer relationships.

Finding abundance when we only have a little.

Giving, when we don’t feel we have much to give.

Living, when we don’t feel like living.

Reaching out, and reaching in.

Giving bountifully to ourselves.

Believing that we are held in the heart of the Divine.

That Creator is Love.

Let’s talk about giving up our bad attitudes.

Surrendering our need to be right
Making the space

that courage needs to express itself.


Our Lady of Everything


our lady of everything

precious mother

hail, ma abundant

so full of grace

blessed art thou

among all beings

we who know you

beyond titles and concepts

blessed is the life-giving fruit

of your tree of life womb

wholly mary-ma

mother of god

praise you

for praying for us

now and in every hour of our need

you love us with everything you are

holding us in your

eternal embrace

beloved cosmic matrix

from which I came

wrap me as a babe

in your blue robe of stars

rock me on your seat of wisdom

sing me your songs

of rose petals and justice

dance Christ's love into my bones

keep me, precious mother

cradled in your milky way

our lady of faith

may I walk the path of truth

that sets me free

teach me how to share your love

with my earthly family

blessed be

our mother of everyone

our lady of everything


Tree of Life Blessing


May you choose outrageous actions

that challenge who you are

and encourage who you are becoming.


May you take one step, however small,

toward that which you have always longed for.
Now is the “right time.”


May you recognize the unique

and powerful contribution that you bring

to the people whose lives you touch.


May you be as wonderful as you really are,

and do things because you want to,

not just because you should.


May you celebrate your creativity

and believe that you are an artist

with a unique vision that no one else has.


May you find peace and purpose

and possibility amidst the chaos
while remaining aware of the unrest in the world.


May you reach towards the Spirit

with a longing that keeps you awake

to the miracles available all around you.


May your faith move any mountains

that stand in your way and bring you

great teachers to awaken your understanding.


May you give up shame, guilt and self-neglect

and replace them with freedom, integrity and
a path of self-nurturing.


May you offer the gifts and blessings of your soul

to beings of the world

when the time is ripe for you to release them.


May you passionately and deeply love

and be loved by someone

who can see who you really are.


May your body speak to you

and teach you how to care

for the temple that houses your bright spirit.


May you walk gently on the earth

and honor your hearth and family

with your action and your rest.


May you find and enjoy the fruit of abundance

so that your life path

can be fortified and furthered.


May you embrace the Tree of Life

and be informed by the wisdom

She brings to those on Her path.


May LOVE be at the center of all your choices

and may you, with me,

send this blessing to all beings. Amen