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How to Be Queen of Your Own Life, Step I

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I was chatting with a friend of mine today about the phases of women’s lives. She just returned from Salem, MA. While there she visited the Witch House and took a tour. Her tour guide was talking with her about the three traditional phases of a woman’s life: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. However, she added that in modern times there are now four phases: Maiden, Mother, Queen, and Crone.

I’ve been toying with adding two chapters to my as-of-yet-unpublished manuscript on Awakening the Goddess Within since December. I believe the time has come. School’s out for the next two months; it’s time to figure out just who this Queen archetype is and how she plays a role in my life.

Thus far, I like what I have found. While the Maiden archetype is young, wild, and free, the Mother is nurturing, caring, and puts others before herself, and the Crone is the Wise Woman, the Queen is a different entity entirely. The Queen is the Sovereign of her own domain. Her “mothering” years are behind her (or at least her children are past childhood and need less care from her) and she is entering a new phase in her life – one where she gets to focus her energy on her own pursuits; define how she will live her life; explore the possibilities with her mature sense of knowing what she wants and what she doesn’t.

In the past 6 months, Universe has sent me numerous signs that it’s time for me to take charge of my own life in a way I never have before; set new boundaries; become Queen of my own Domain. My mothering years are over; my reproductive years coming to an end. Now I can channel my “birthing” energy into my passions and projects that stir my Soul.

So what is the first step? How do you become Queen of Your Own Life? I believe Step 1 is this: Reconnect with Your Intuition and Learn to Trust that Inner Voice of Wisdom. If, like me, you have always been a people pleaser, lacked self-trust, and put your needs last on your to-do list, the time has come for your – and me – to rise to the occasion. Are you ready to become Queen of your own life?