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Everyday GODDESS: Mal Duane

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Modern Day Goddess: Mal DuaneMal Duane is dedicated to helping women uncover the veil of shame and guilt so that they may reclaim their lives and discover the authentic woman within. Mal is a Certified Recovery Coach and is the author of the award winning book Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power. She utilizes a five step process that leads women through a path of self-discovery and personal empowerment to create the lives they deserve.

What does being an Everyday Goddess mean to you?  It is a woman that lives life using her full potential.

She loves and accepts herself just the way she is. She appreciates all that she has and doesn’t rely on material things for her self-esteem. She understands there is a higher consciousness that she can tap into that will give her the guidance that she needs to live her life with clarity and passion. 

At what age did you awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine and would you describe it as a sudden awakening or a gentle unfolding?

My personal experience of discovering my divine essence was an epiphany. I was in the midst of a dark night of the soul when I had a complete awakening to the power within me. Through my own victimization I had lost sight of the ability to make choices. I felt stuck, frozen in fear. I became so broken inside that finally the light of God was able to touch my soul. 

What roles in your life had to transform in order for you to live authentically?

I had to stop playing the role of caretaker. Since I was a small girl, I was always trying to fix the bird with broken wing. That role continued to show up as I matured. I was always fixing other people’s problems. I learned it was not my responsibility to make everything right for others. I was loveable without taking on everyone else’s issues. I learned to create boundaries for myself and the ability to say no when I felt like it.

What have been some of the greatest inner gifts you’ve experienced since stepping into your feminine power?

For me, my greatest gift has been my sobriety for 24 years. During this period of time, I have developed a deep daily spiritual practice. This has been the foundation for my personal transformation from a wounded woman to and empowered soul. I love my morning meditations; they get me centered for the day. I have also developed the ability to connect with my higher/divine guidance. 

Can you share some of your favorite sacred feminine rituals?

Daily I meditate, write in my journal and read spiritual material or pray.

Is there a particular Goddess that you are intimately drawn to and why?

I am a great admirer of Louise Hay and all the work she has done to help others. She was 52 when she wrote her first book. She had personal challenges but she grew from them. She never looked at her life feeling limited in any way but always with divine inspiration. 

Is there a personal message that you would like to share with women?  

Women are very strong creatures. We are born with this divine power within us but never taught how to access it. The Universe is shifting and women are becoming far more conscious and realizing that life has more to offer than we have been experiencing. They are now looking to have that spiritual awareness and discover their purpose.


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