Are You Ready to Love the

Woman You See in the Mirror?

I lived most of my life feeling like I wasn’t good enough. So I spent most of my life trying to subconsciously prove my worth to others, at my own expense. I ran myself ragged and my poor body suffered for it. Endometriosis. Osteopenia. Anxiety and depression. 2 bouts of pneumonia, one of which nearly killed me. Adrenal fatigue. An eating disorder. The list goes on…

But a few years ago, I had an aha moment that would change my life: I was so good at pleasing others that I had worked me – the real me – right out of the picture. I was living someone else’s life. I didn’t love or respect myself. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I couldn’t even face the woman in the mirror.

That’s why my mind and my body were in pain. All of these psychological and physical manifestations of my unhappiness were signs that something had to give, but I didn’t know what. I thought taking time to relax and fill my cup meant I was selfish. But one day I realized, that if I didn't Nourish myself, I couldn't be of service to others. I couldn't fulfill my life's purpose. For 40 years, I had been holding myself back. I knew then I had to make a change. I had to learn to Nourish my Sacred Body Temple, to take exquisite care of me – that self-care wasn't selfish; it was survival. That if I just did that, everything else would fall into place. That realization changed my life.

Are You Ready to Learn to Love Yourself

and Nourish Your Sacred Body Temple?

Discover the Well-Nourished Woman!

The Well-Nourished Woman is a Woman Who:

  • Feels radiant and is completely comfortable in her own skin

  • Walks in her power and shares her truth 

  • Takes exquisite care of herself – she fills her cup first so she can be of service to others

  • Trusts herself completely

  • Feels confident, sexy, and power-full

  • Harnesses her emotions as a superpower

  • Treats her body as a sacred temple

  • Understands her body's natural cycles and rhythms and works with her body, not against it

  • Listens to her body and honors what it’s telling her

  • Is sovereign Queen of her own life


The Nourished Temple

7-Week Program Includes:


 nt_cover_  Beautiful blond woman talking on mobile phone  Meeting for young active women

7 weekly Classes

7 Q&A/Group Coaching Calls

Nourished Temple

Sacred Circle

Each Monday, you will receive class audios, workbooks, and reflection questions for the week to work through at your own pace. 

These Group Coaching calls are an opportunity for you to ask Dr. Mary questions about what has been emerging for you as you learn how to Nourish your sacred body temple. All calls will be recorded. If for some reason you will miss one, you will be able to post your questions in our private Facebook group the day before and Dr. Mary will be happy to answer them live on the call.

As you learn Nourish yourself, it is incredibly powerful to connect with others, to share your experiences. The Nourished Temple Sacred Circle is a private Facebook  circle where you can connect with your Sisters on this journey. It is a space for you to connect, grow, and hold space for one another. You can to ask questions, offer support, and receive support from your Sisters.





Plus These Sacred Bonuses (valued at $147)


 NT_cover_Program_Bonus_Heal_Emotional_Eating  NT_cover_Program_Bonus_Inner_Critic  NT_cover_Program_Bonus_Sacred_Womb_Temple

Heal Emotional Eating Audio Class and Workbook

Heal Your Relationship with Your Inner Critic Audio Class and Workbook

Honoring Your Sacred Womb Temple Audio Class and Workbook

What Women are Saying:

I'm 52 years old and realized that I have spent most of my life hating the way I look. Now when I look at pictures from the past I think gosh, I didn't look as awful as I thought! I appreciate how open Dr. Mary is about her own journey; she has a true desire to help people. I feel each time I re-listen to one of her coaching calls, it reminds me to get in touch with my body and the wisdom of her message!  I feel so fortunate to be here. My perception of myself was shaped by everything I came in contact with and I wish I would have found a Dr. Mary when I was 20. I am thankful I found her now!! Truthfully I think the world needs this information. I know it has helped me immensely!!! <3 <3 I am filled with gratitude!! Blessings and love <3 ~ Diana


I have had so much improvement in my life since completing the Nourished Temple program! When I first signed up, I was at the bottom feeling that this would never be healed, but a small voice of my intuition told me to reach out to you. I have tools in my tool box and I have been using your resources to learn about myself and I am gentle with myself through this process. Not only am I changing my coping but I am filling myself with love, self-care and body love. Thank you doesn't seem like enough to say for giving me a new life. The program has been a real turning point for me. Love and light to you. ~ Barbara


‘The Nourished Temple' is a beautiful foundation for developing a deeper and more loving relationship with your body and yourself. Dr. Mary guides it in a loving and enthusiastic way with relatable stories, real-life examples and in-depth information. A great mix between information, inspiration and implementation. I found it a really comprehensive course as it went far beyond the usual superficial rules, tips, etc. and guides you into finding your personal and intuitive way of  living 🙂 ~ Nicky


Are you ready to say Yes to you?

Enrollment Is Currently Closed,

but will reopen in Fall 2017 




The Goddess Guarantee

This guarantee means that if for some reason you are NOT completely and totally satisfied with my program … if you’re not able implement the suggestions I provide … or if my coaching doesn’t meet your expectations (for whatever reason), simply let me know and I’ll let you choose one of Dr. Mary’s other home study courses of equal or lesser value to replace it with.  Which makes this a totally risk free purchase, with absolutely nothing to lose!