The Well Nourished Goddess

Rekindle Your Soulfire with Aphrodite’s Spark: Create more energy, beauty and magic to give and receive

with Christy A. Harvey, M.A.

Discover keys to rekindling your life force for more energy, beauty and magic everyday! It's time to reawaken to your genius and fall back in love with your life! Download the full version of The Belly Dance Prescription, my gift to you.
The Well Nourished Goddess
Christy A. Harvey, M.A.
Christy Ann Harvey, M.A., helps people who have lost their passion move beyond the soul numbing daily grind so they can reawaken to their genius and fall back in love with their lives. As counselor and coach, she guides clients out of confusion into clarity, confidence and strength. As a teacher, Christy shows her students how to create environments that help them thrive. She is author of The Belly Dance Rx, The Essential MommyMuse Toolkit, & co-author of Unleash Your Inner Magnificence. Christy adores living and working in an octagon timber frame home along the Kettle River in Washington State.

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