I am Truly Blessed

birthdayToday is my 40th birthday.

When I think of all I've been through in the past year – in the past month (got a divorce, bought a new house and moved, broke my heel for the second time in a year, sent my book proposal for Awaken Your Inner Goddess to agents and have gotten 4 out of 5 positive responses thus far!) – I feel blessed. I am surrounded by friends and family. I have a wonderful companion in my dog Kolby. I am gifted to know many truly powerful, wonderful, divinely feminine women in this community of Sisters I call friends. If you've just recently joined us, welcome! I am so glad you're here.

Today I want to talk about a recent experience I was gifted with. After I broke my heel for the second time in a year, I found myself frustrated. The message I got the first time I broke my heel was that I was stuck in my life. That was last September. Since then, I have made tremendous forward progress, including birthing this community. I did everything I was feeling Called to do. And yet, I found myself back in the same place I was a year ago: on crutches. This time around, I am fortunate enough to be on sabbatical and I can truly take the time off I need to heal. But because I had yet to avail myself of the opportunity and was flying full speed ahead with all cylinders, She took over once again. My broken heel showing up yet again as a Divine sign in my life.

This time I listened.

I scheduled an appointment with a spiritual teacher who specializes in removing blocks. The message I got was clear:

in all of this forward movement, I forgot to take care of myself. I forgot to ground myself. I forgot to allow myself time to heal.

So my body (my heel) decided to slow me down to allow me time to heal from my various recent upheavals. My Inner Goddess struck again. 

This time around instead of crutching through life, I'm resting a lot more. Painting. Spending most of my time at home. Sitting. Writing. Journaling. Reflecting. And I've been called to explore an ancient energetic healing system: that of the chakras. I am starting with the root chakra, the grounding, healing energy of the earth. Of my menstrual blood. As I journey through the chakra system, I will share my experiences here in hopes that you too find them helpful. Look for my posting about the root (1st) chakra next week. In the meantime, She's got me painting the mudra for the root chakra and wearing red!

Have a good week!

Dr. Mary


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