Unleash Your Inner Wild Woman!

As a child, I was taught that “wild” was somehow bad. It meant untamed, unruly, dirty, or naughty. It was something no “good girl” strived to be. Yet… something inside of me was always curious about this Wild Woman. Who was she really? I envisioned her as very dirty with mud on her face and sticks in her hair – something that thrilled the tomboy inside of me. At the same time, the “fairy tale princess” version of me knew that I would get in trouble if I ever did that! After all, I was always told to come down from the tall trees I loved to climb – it was dangerous and not at all ladylike.

As I grew, my inner “wild child” was suppressed even further. There was no place for her in piano practice, or at ballet recitals or in cotillion lessons. No, those things required precision and perfection – not messiness. There was certainly no place for her at school, nor later in the workplace. She was simply not allowed to exist. So I cut that part of me off and buried her deep down inside.


I’m not even sure the day it happened, but some time in my late 30s, I began to hear her calling me. There was a part of me that begin to rebel. It was a whisper at first. The stolen moments swinging on the local school playground when no one was looking. The urge to die my hair a deep red. Singing loudly and off key while dancing in the living room when no one else was home. The endless hours spent running in a failed attempt to run away from the structures I had imposed on my life.

In those moments, she was there calling me to come home. To join forces. To unleash her.

But I was too scared. What would happen? What would people think? What if she changed me too much? What if..?

In today's video, I have an invitation for you to unleash your wild/unabashed/raw/real self. 

If so, I invite you to join me for Season 6 of Woman Unleashed.


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