My Vision for You: A Blog Post in Pictures

As you know, I’ve been working on healing my chakras. I ran out of canvases this weekend and had to improvise. Instead of starting my 4th chakra painting (the Type A in me has to have my chakra paintings all on canvases the same size!), I painted a story for you. I hope you like it. It’s my vision for us, for this community.

I see in all of us a fire, a passion, a calling.


But so many times, it gets lost in the shuffle; our dreams pushed aside for what we think we should do, what others want us to do.

And yet… we are Goddesses, Divinely inspired.



And so our dreams wait, drifting along while we float unconsciously through our lives.

 floating clouds

And one day our heart Calls to us.


And we can no longer ignore it. Because we hold in our hands the cup of life, but our cup has run dry.

 cup of overflow

But as we look closer, we realize it wasn’t dry at all. It was dormant, a seed waiting to reach up to the surface, to emerge from within and touch the sky, to blossom and bloom. And so we do.

 seeds and flowers

And as we bloom, we open the floodgates. And all of that wisdom, light, glory that we had stuffed somewhere down inside of ourselves comes gushing out – a waterfall of emotion – of happiness and sadness, grief and hope, loss and joy. And we can contain it no longer.


And we find out joy, rekindle our passion, and start again – and, of course, there’s lots of chocolate and ice cream involved. 🙂

ice cream

 May you find your passion and have the strength to embrace it.


Goddess Mary

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