What are Your Bare Minimums?

to do listApril was a crazy busy month – the kind of month I used to pride myself on because I could look at my accomplishments – everything I had achieved at the end of the month: launched an ecourse, held 3 sales calls, recorded 10 or so interviews, and received three awards – on top of my normal daily tasks. But at the end of the month, instead of feeling proud, I felt lonely; instead of feeling accomplished, I felt overworked and overwhelmed. Once again, I had done such a good job teaching everyone else how to be, that I forgot to Be myself.

So this past week, as April turned to May, I took stock of my life – looked at my goals – personal and professional. Took a hard look at my life. And this is what I figured out: Yes, I worked so hard that I won three awards in one month. Yet, while I am proud of my accomplishments, they came with great costs. In getting my needs met, in finding myself through work, I also lost myself. Once again I let someone else’s expectations define who I am and what I do. I forgot that I was a person of worth just because I’m me. And I was saddened. Because I did it again; because I thought I knew better. Because I fell into a trap of my own making once again.

So I sat down and wrote myself a love letter. It didn’t start out that way. I had intended to do some release work and write a letter to my ex. But as I wrote, I realized the person that needed to hear this most was me.

What came out of it was this. A self-care list – one that would assure I didn’t have another crazy busy month like April. A list that put me at the top. A list that prioritized my needs above others. Will I win any awards by following my own list? Probably not, but I will have my sanity, my sleep, and my sense of self at the end.

Bare Minimums


Eat 5-6 nourishing meals

Move my body

Am asana, pm asana, savasana

Two 10 min meditations/day

Unplug by 6 pm at least 5 nights/week

Sleep 8-9 hours/night – in bed by 10pm weeknights

Dance practice

Journal am and pm


Workout 5/wk

Cardio for 20 min 2/week

One self-help course/module/week

At least one whole day off/week

Challenge food

Connect with moon


2-4 massages/month


Full moon, new moon

Month at a glance

Biz course


Half day biz retreat

2-3 day weekend/mini vacation


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