What is the Divine Feminine?

What is the Divine FeminineThere seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the Divine Feminine and the Goddess. The unspoken question for most women is… does honoring the Goddess go against my Judeo-Christian beliefs? Is the divine feminine a religion? Is it a Christian concept… Buddhist… Pagan… New Age? Is it tied to religion or is it a spiritual concept? What is its history and its roots?

Feminine Expression and Manifestation

The answer is simple and complicated all at once! The Divine Feminine represents the supreme level of feminine expression and manifestation in the universe. She comprises the best of the feminine in all its measure. She exists in all faiths and traditions and has since the beginning of time. The Divine Feminine is mystical, magical, powerful, sacred and part of all that exists, will exist and has ever existed. She symbolizes balance and healing, renewal and restoration, intuition and creativity, love and compassion. She is the counterpart to the Sacred Masculine and together they keep the universe in balance.

Archetypal Energies

As multifaceted, spiritually embodied beings, we each have a complex psychological and emotional constitution that creates one’s inner balance/health and outer reality/experience. Each one of us, male and female, carries within our psyche both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetype energies. From these archetypes come our conscious thoughts, plans, desires, goals and agendas. These archetype energies intertwine and cooperate to produce a uniquely personal expression and experience of life. A female gendered body does not mean that only feminine energy is present. Gender (genitals, body) and archetypal energetic composition of the psyche are independent of each other.

Divine Feminine aspects are nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, creativity, forgiveness, healing, wisdom, receptivity, etc. and are non-linear in nature.

Whatever your religious beliefs or choice of traditions are, I guarantee Divine Feminine energy exists within it. To have reverence for the Goddess does not denounce your religious beliefs whatsoever. I want to debunk that belief right here and right now!

Divine Feminine archetypal energies:

  • Goddess
  • Queen or Empress
  • Priestess
  • Warrior
  • Lover
  • Wise Woman

I encourage you to create a deeper connection and reverence for Goddesses that you feel comfortable with. Each Goddess has her own special archetypal energy. You may feel a deeper connection to some over others, that’s okay. There are no rules!

Some Goddesses include Ishtar or Mari, Gaia or Kuan Yin, Mother Mary or Mary Magdalene, Goddesses from Ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome… Africa or the Middle East, the Black Madonna, Kali, Sulis, Brigit, Freya, etc…there are too many to list! (Visit our Featured Goddess page to learn more.)

May you find the spirit, power and beauty of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess within and around you.


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