What’s Your Soul’s Purpose?

I had a conversation with a recently retired client last week. She and I were discussing her options now that she has retired and had lots of free time. I mischievously asked her, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Her response? “I have no idea.”

I find this to be an increasing concern among my clients. Many of my clients have careers and are quite successful, but they are also very unhappy and unfulfilled. They view their job as a paycheck, not a Soul’s Purpose.

I get it. Up until 2012, I felt the same way. I had been a professor for nearly 2 decades and

A colleague challenged me to write a book about our relationships with food, our bodies, and ourselves – my area of expertise. I thought, “Maybe that’s it! Maybe that will finally fulfill me!”

Six months later, I had a book proposal written, 3 chapters under my belt, and an interested agent. Then I ran into a bit of a snag: writer’s block. For 3 months, I couldn’t write a word. Keep in mind that this book was based on nearly 20 years of my own research, so you’d think I’d have had plenty to say… Yet, every time I sat down at my computer, nothing came out.

Frustrated, I reached out to a friend of mine who had just finished her own book. She recommended I contact her book coach to see if she had any ideas. Desperate, I reached out to Lisa Tener.

She asked if she could lead me through a guided meditation to speak with my writing muse (aka Inner Goddess/Inner Diva/Intuition/Inner Guidance System). A big believer in meditation, although it had never occurred to me to meditate on my book, I jumped at the chance. What happened during that guided meditation changed my life. I was told by my Inner Goddess that I had writer’s block because I was writing the wrong book for the wrong people. Say what? I argued with her. I explained that this book was based on 20 years of my life’s work and research; it couldn’t be the “wrong book.” She was insistent. She told me I was to write a book for women about reconnecting with their Inner Goddess and finding and achieving their Soul’s Calling. That as I wrote the book, I would heal, and as women read the book, they would heal. She told me I needed to create a tribe of women for women. Women who would support each other; lift each other up; help each other through life’s ups and downs.

I sat with this for a week, second guessing myself, and then I dove in headfirst. I wrote that book, created that tribe, and now spend my days living my Soul’s Purpose and helping other women find and live theirs. Do I still work with body image? Absolutely. But in a different way. I help women heal instead of researching them in a lab. I help them learn to call on their own strengths instead of relying on what other people tell them they “should” be doing. I help them learn to love, accept and appreciate themselves for who they are, not for someone else’s definition of who they “should” be.

If you want help, if this post calls to you, I hope you’ll join our Sacred Circle. This month we are working on helping each other find and live our Sacred Soul’s Purpose. We are finding our passions, exploring what we always wanted to do but never dreamed was possible. We are living our truth. You can too.




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