The Worth It Quotient

I had an “aha” moment the other day. I was doing my Sunday afternoon planning for the week ahead and answering the weekly prompts in my Leonie Dawson daily diary planner (love that thing!). I had an inspiration to flip through the entire year and look at what I seemed to be asking myself for most often. Without fail, when I asked myself the question, “What do I most want to give myself this week?” every single answer had to do with my own time.

For an entire year, my intuitive responses have been telling me that I needed to give myself my own time. Clearly, I haven't been doing so or I wouldn't be asking for it every single week. Thus, the big “aha” moment: If I don't give myself the precious resource of my own time, I'm going to keep asking for it. The feeling of never having enough time for me isn't going to go away. It will just stay there on paper, unfulfilled, as it has done for the entire year.

I followed that aha moment with meditation. I asked my guides for help. What they shared with me was interesting. My higher self – my inner goddess – said to me: You need to develop a “worth it” quotient. If your most precious resource right now is your own time, then you'd better make sure the way you are spending that time feels like it's worth it to you. Not to your partner, not to your best friend, not to your coach, not to anybody else, but to you. You are the one you're asking for your own time. This is your next challenge and your next growth edge. (See today's video for more on creating more time for yourself.)

Of course, I wanted to argue with my higher self. Not everything that I do every single day is going to feel “worth it.” After all, I have a day job and online business to run. I still have to do my chores, like doing the laundry, making dinner, and taking out the trash. Are all of these supposed to feel “worth it?” Her response? For everything you do, ask yourself the question: “Is this worth my time?” If it is, great, go for it. But if it's not, give yourself permission to say no and see what happens. Also give yourself permission for the answer to vary over time. Some days one task might seem worth it whereas other days, it may not. And that's okay.

Is everything every day going to feel “worth it?” I doubt it. After all, we're human beings living a human experience. But I hope that this “worth it” experiment helps me shed some light on the answer to that question:

We have five months left in the year. There's a lot going on right now energetically speaking – I'm feeling it, my clients are feeling it, everyone I'm talking to is feeling it. Perhaps we should harness the upcoming energy of these two eclipses in the month of August to help us gain some clarity. What would happen if you asked yourself the question: is this worth it? You're “worth it quotient” may not look like mine. Maybe it's not time that your greatest resource right now. Maybe it's money. Maybe it's your sanity. But what would it look like if you approached your day-to-day tasks with that curiosity in mind? Is this – whatever it is I'm doing – worth my greatest resource – whatever that greatest resource may be?

In other words, does task/time=resource or is task/time<resource or maybe even is task/time>resource? 



  • Casey says:

    I love this. It aligns nicely with a post-it note that I keep on my laptop. It says, “Will it bring you joy?” Of course not everything will – but it is something to consider! Thanks for sharing your “aha” moment.

    • Dr Mary Pritchard says:

      I love it, Casey! That is a good question as well: Will it bring you joy? I might have to borrow that one! 🙂

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